Monday, February 27, 2012

While dining out...

It's interesting who you meet while dining out, this past Friday my wife and I were at a resturant  and at the next  table was a old friend and his wife.  We exchanged stories while eating and I discovered that Tom had been in and out of Vietnam a number of times during the late 60's and early 70's.  I asked if he had ever been to the VA for any medical problems he stated that he didn't.  I asked if he has type II diabetes and he said yes, then I asked him if he had any heart condition, he said he did.  I told him that he needed to contact the DAV NSOs in Milwaukee on Monday.  I guess the part of this small story was that he didn't realize that his medical conditions just might be from his time in country.  There are many more vets like Tom, if you run into another Tom, or Sam, maybe even a John, and ask the questions where they served?  When where you there?  Do you have any medical problems now?  I will follow up with Tom and make sure that he contacted our NSOs, and he can get the help that he is entitled to.

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